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Pregnant and Parenting Student Assistance Fund Information
Notre Dame’s Pregnant and Parenting Student Assistance Fund (PPSA) manifests the University’s commitment to life by assisting undergraduate and graduate students encountering an unanticipated pregnancy and by easing some of the hidden financial costs facing student-families, costs that can impose huge financial burdens for students living on a budget.  Funding is secured by Notre Dame Office of Life and Human Dignity in the McGrath Institute for Church life and disbursed through the Office of Student Affairs.  The PPSA manifest the University’s hospitality to life and its concern for the wellbeing of pregnant and parenting students and their families by continuing Notre Dame’s tradition of providing layers of assistance, including financial assistance, for students facing an unanticipated pregnancy throughout their pregnancy and beyond.  In addition to continuing its commitment to accompanying students in crisis, the PPSA also aims to broaden support to all Notre Dame student-families by offering targeted assistance at critical moments when a small grant can make huge difference.   Although the fund does not meet the needs of every student-family, it does provide much needed relief for families encountering a major strain on their finances.  In order to attend to those student-families in most need, the PPSA prioritizes financial assistance in the following circumstances, with particular concern for undergraduate students and international students:

[1] Pregnancy related expenses beyond what is available through local resources, such as the Women’s Care Center.

[2] Childcare in circumstances of extreme need, especially in situations when a spouse is unable to care for children because of a medical condition or in cases when a graduate student is also solely responsible for the care of his or her child.

[3] One-time emergency expenses affecting health, food, transportation, and shelter.

[4] Marital Counseling in crisis situations for a maximum of 10 sessions or $1,000.

Students are recommended for the PPSA by administrators listed on the application.  Students may contact these administrators directly or be referred to them from faculty and staff who recognize that a pregnant or parenting student might be struggling.  To recommend a student, the administrator completes the application form (below) and submits to the Office of Student Affairs.  Once the application has been submitted, the Office of Student Affairs checks with the Office of Financial Aid to assess financial need.  Using this information, the Office of Student Affairs determines the approval amount and communicates directly to the student.  Funds will only be used to pay providers or to reimburse based on receipts.  If invoice or receipt cannot be provided, this funding cannot be disbursed.


The requested student information is to be completed by one of the following designated administrators located in each post-baccalaureate school or the Division of Student Affairs:

Dr. John Lubker, Associate Dean of Students, The Graduate School
Mr. Peter Horvath, Student Services Program Director, Law School
Ms. Lisa Heming, Director of Student Services, MBA & MSM, Mendoza College of Business
Ms. Mimi Beck, Program Director for Graduate Student Life
Mr. Nathan Elliot, Rector, University Village and Fischer O’Hara Grace Graduate Residences
Dr. Christine Caron Gebhardt*, Director, The Gender Relations Center

Ms. Annie Eaton*, Case Manager, Student Affairs

Requested Student Information



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