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University Support and Policies

In keeping with its mission as a Catholic university, Notre Dame is committed to life and to offering students resources that support the choice of life and to offering students resources that support the choice of life--both during pregnancy and after the child's birth.

Recognizing that pregnancy and parenting can cause isolation, financial hardship, or other constraints for students, the University is committed to providing pregnant and parenting students with caring, non-judgmental, and professional assistance and support. Assistance is also available for those affected by the pregnancy of someone close to them.

The university seeks to reflect this philosophy in its policies and practices. The following are links to university policies that are helpful for students to know of in the event they are pregnant or parenting:

Pregnancy Support at Notre Dame

Pregnant and Parenting Student Assistance Fund

Pregnant and Parenting Resource Brochure (PDF Brochure)

Graduate School Family Life Support

Childbirth and Adoption Accomodation Policy

Childbirth and Adoption Accomodation Request

Policy for Pregnant Graduate Students in Labs

du Lac Student Handbook